Frequently Asked Question

Is the movement Quartz or Mechanical ?

The movement is Quartz.

Do you ship worldwide ?

Yes, of course. No problem.

Can i have custom engraving on the back of the watch ?

No, sorry, that’s not possible for this watch.

Do you plan to have a mechanical version of this watch ?

It will depend if there is a big demand, but not at the moment.

The hands on the watch are flat. Why ?

While the hands on the real clock are in “3D”, I couldn’t do the same on my watch for several reasons. Cost was #1 reason. It would also have required another case with more space between the dial and the glass

Is this watch sold in Prague ?

Unfortunately, no. I went to Prague with a luggage full of my watches, and went to the tourists shops that were just next to the clock, to ask them if they’d be interested. They all declined. Never understood why…