The Prague Jewish Clock

History of The Prague Jewish Clock

Located on top of the Old Town Hall (Židovská radniceç) in Josefov, Prague, Czech Republic, this Hebrew clock was made by Sebastien Landersberger, a Prague clockmaker, and installed in 1764.

With its counterclockwise movement, Hebrew characters and specially shaped hands, this clock is unique in the world.

The Story of this Watch

When I started by Handless watch project, I had to buy 500 counter-clockwise watch movements, but I only needed to produce 200 handless watches. This meant I had to find a use for these 300 counter-clockwise movements. After some Googling, I found this Clock which turned backwards. This was perfect ! I checked that no-one else already did this watch. And off we go !

An Accurate Reproduction

The watch is the most accurate reproduction of the clock you can find :
  • t’s Counterclockwise
  • he numbers where drawn from an high-definition picture
  • he Hands are also drawn from the same High-def picture
  • he colors of the numbers, hands and dial match the ones from the real clock

What does it look like ?

Here is the animation of the watch, that shows the local time of your computer.

You don’t need to do anything, but sit back and relax.

Old Clock Vs New Clock

The “Old” Clock

The Hour marks used some very original Hebrew letters, with “square” shape. Yes, the dial needed some refurbishment… But it was beautiful.

The “Old” Clock

I don’t know when the clock was restored, but they decided to change the drawing of the numbers. And the Letters/numbers that chose is the default Hebrew letters from Windows… Why ???