Googly Eyes

The Story of this watch

I love original watches. 

I wanted to create a watch that doesn’t look like a watch.  I had this idea for this watch for quite some time now, and when the Covid pandemic hit, I thought that people would want to have a funny watch.

There are 4 available dials (or faces) that you can choose from. 

How to read the Time?

How to read the Time (not the newspaper) when there are no Hands on the watch ?

The answer is easy : The Left eye tells the Hour, and the Right eye tells the Minutes.

The eyelashes are used for the hour and 5-minutes marks.

While it is not possible to know the time to the second-precision, you can guestimate the time with a precision of about 1-2 minutes.

The animation on the Right (or below on a smartphone) shows the current time displayed on the watch.

You can choose to see some of the possible faces.