HDD Watch


Let your geek in you show how much you like hard drives and electronic with this unique watch.

This watch is an eye-catcher, mixing the hard-drive and a super original PCB-like watch strap.

Watch case is available in Stainless steel color or black PVD.

And you can easily change the strap if you want a more classy (yet still geeky) watch.

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This watch is made out of a 1″ (2.5cm) hard drive called Microdrive.

The hard drive is disassembled and transformed into a watch.

The watch band is custom-made for this watch. It’s made out of Neoprene and it’s very comformtable and non-alergic.  Other straps are available.

The watch comes in Left- or Right-handed people.  Specify if you wear your watch on your Left or Right wrist (as some right-handed people wear their watch on their right arm, and vice-versa).

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