Standard PCB Strap


Strap dimensions are :

  • Width : 18 mm (on all the length of the strap)
  • Length : 8.5 cm (short part). 12.5 cm (long part)
  • Thickness : 3 mm


Get an extra spare PCB-looking strap.  This watch strap was created specifically for this watch. But it can of course be fitted to any other watch compatible with 18mm watch straps.
The straps are made in Neoprene, and are very comfortable.

Here’s what the blog WatchItAllAbout wrote about it :


The strap is once again custom made, completely to the designer’s specifications. He even designed the PCB printing design. 

It is made of beautifully soft Neoprene. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber, also used for your car’s fan belt, wet suits, knee / ankle / wrist braces, and laptop sleeves to name a few. So you certainly get the idea of how soft, malleable and comfortable the strap is. 

I’m so pleased how it feels to wear, I can’t explain it – it’s possibly the most comfortable strap I’ve worn on the wrist. Obviously this goes well with the very light weight of the watch, but the strap definitely has a major part to play in how comfortable this watch is to wear. 
The strap for me is the winner on the HDD Watch. It’s so comfortable – it makes wearing the watch a pleasure. 


Please note that all the watches come with the standard default “PCB” strap. So, if you buy an extra strap (leather, PCB or metal), you’ll still have the original PCB Neoprene strap.


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